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Choosing an Effective Partner

A good financing partner can help you grow and maintain your customer base while allowing you to focus on selling your equipment. Equipment vendors who have not yet included a monthly payment option in their daily sales routines may be missing out on business. The canadian small business administration provide the following statics on the leasing industry: ​

  • 85% of all businesses lease equipment.

  • 75% of all lease companies say leasing is their average to best method of financing equipment purchases.

  • 89% of those businesses intended to lease equipment again in the future.  

Customers have only two choices: Pay cash or take out a loan. You risk losing customers to the competition if you do not provide financing. Furthermore, a low monthly payment is easier to accept than paying cash up front for the equipment. By providing financing, you can make it easier for your customers to purchase your equipment.

Our Vendor Program's Advantages
  • B2B – We have the ability to link our systems to yours. 

  • Personalized Automated Reporting 

  • Our approval rates are the highest. 

  • Both prime and subprime credit are accepted. 

  • Rates are excellent. 

  • We fund new businesses. 

  • Training on-site 

  • Coast to Coast Leasing Programs 

  • Documentation in both languages 

  • Programs with incentives 

  • 0% Financing – A fantastic way to get your product out the door. 

  • Material that is co-branded. 

  • We can fund 100% of Canadian and American vendors in advance. 

  • Dedicated leasing expert. 

  • Instead of chasing down customers and financial partners, get paid now.

Frequently asked questions
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